There are many ways to make friends and add new contacts on Telegram. You can exchange phone numbers or usernames with others. In addition, a method that is becoming increasingly popular nowadays is using QR Codes. So, do you know how to create a unique QR Code for yourself and share it with everyone? Let’s follow the tutorial below!

Instructions for Creating a QR Code on Telegram

Step 1: Access and log into your Telegram account on your personal device (phone/tablet). On the main interface, select “Settings”. Please note that Telegram currently does not support QR Codes on Telegram Web and Telegram Desktop.

Step 2: In the Settings interface, in the upper right corner, tap the small square QR code icon. Then, your personal QR code will appear with many creative designs and diverse colors. Select a design template that you like, then take a screenshot or tap “Share QR Code” so it can be shared to many other apps.

Once the QR code is sent, the recipient only needs to use their camera to scan the code to connect with you on Telegram. It’s very easy, isn’t it?

In this article, we have provided you with basic information on how to create and share a QR Code on Telegram, helping you easily connect with other contacts. wish you success in implementing this feature!

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