I’m not surprised to witness many people completely switching to Telegram instead of WhatsApp, Viber, or Messenger. For those who don’t know why, allow me to inform you about Telegram’s new superior features compared to other apps. But are they really entirely good? Let’s explore this in the article below!

1. Deleting messages on both sides without a trace

Many people consider this superior feature as a plus point. Unlike Zalo and Messenger, Telegram allows users to delete messages on both sides without any time limit. Moreover, after deleting the message, the notification that the message has been deleted doesn’t appear in the chat, as if no words were ever said.

So, what if someone promises or commits something to you and then deletes it after completing everything? (Of course, we’re not referring to cases where you’ve quickly taken a screenshot).

You might face some serious trouble!

2. Editing chat content anytime

Next, Telegram users can freely edit the content of sent messages – a superior feature that users on other platforms can only shake their heads in frustration. Similar to the delete feature, users can edit sent messages without any time limit.

3. Infiltrating groups

Frankly speaking, Telegram wasn’t designed for teamwork. Individual accounts can easily rejoin groups after being “kicked out.” This means they can read and download content and data sent throughout the entire conversation.

4) Creating secret chats

Although Telegram is the most secure messaging app in the world, if you install Telegram on your phone and others can access your Telegram app, they can also view your conversations on this app. The simple solution is to create secret chats so that even if someone can access your account, it’s difficult for them to read your messages.

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5) Sending large files

Sending files is a basic feature for most messaging apps nowadays. However, sending files around 2GB in size is something not many apps can do, but Telegram can. You can send files up to 2GB, which can be zip files, video files, etc., and this is considered quite sufficient for most usage needs. The quality of images sent through Telegram is also maintained at a high level, not heavily compressed like other apps.

I really like how Telegram provides users with free features, including unlimited file sending (each file up to 2GB). I often use it to send data from my computer to my phone or vice versa without having to perform too many steps. It’s also simple.

Creating chat groups with 200,000 members

As mentioned, currently, English learning groups and groups on Vioedu often use Telegram as the main platform for communication. It’s a place where you can create a chat group with a huge number of members, up to 200,000.

And when the group develops to a certain level, you can expand the group to 400,000 members by joining Telegram’s Super Group (paid feature).

Choosing to display online or offline status on Telegram

We’ve also written an article guiding users on how to turn off online status. Basically, this is a feature that helps users hide their status (from online to offline). But you can even hide it from certain people. In this case, the person you choose to hide from will always see you as offline.

And there are many more features.

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