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Instructions for Enabling Member Approval in Telegram Groups

If you create a group in Public mode, all contacts on Telegram (even if they are strangers) can click to join and participate in the group without any screening. This situation can increase the risk of receiving spam messages, malware, etc. But is it necessary to switch the group to Private mode? If you don’t […]

Using Emoji to Create Profile Pictures on Telegram

Are you tired of the standard profile pictures on Telegram? Then let’s explore how to use the Emoji Profile Picture Creator. All users can turn emojis and animated stickers into custom profile pictures for their accounts, groups, or channels. This will add excitement to your conversations on Telegram. Steps to Set Up an Emoji Profile […]

Changing Your Contacts’ Profile Pictures on Telegram

It sounds quite interesting if we could change other people’s profile pictures ourselves, doesn’t it? With your contacts on Telegram, you can change the picture they set on their profile, but of course, this change is only visible to you. It can be a fun way to remember each person differently. Let’s explore how to […]

How to Delete Messages on Telegram

Like other free messaging apps currently available, Telegram allows users to delete or recall messages that they no longer want to appear in the chat. Similarly, you can also delete the entire chat history in just a few simple steps. Read the article below for more details. [] Delete Messages on Telegram Step 1: Access […]

Using Telegram as a Storage Repository

Telegram is not just an ordinary communication app; it can also serve as a massive data storage repository if you know how to use it effectively. Telegram’s storage doesn’t require additional space to run on your device. You can delete media stored in your phone’s memory while still keeping that media in conversations, ready to […]

Setting Up Privacy for Your Profile Picture on Telegram

Your profile picture is the first thing people see when they access your profile on Telegram. However, for those who want to maintain their personal privacy or have a few favorite profile pictures that are not suitable to display to certain individuals, Telegram’s privacy settings provide users with complete control over their visibility, including who […]

Mastering Telegram’s Message Scheduling Feature: Step-by-Step Instructions

[] Missed an appointment with a partner or forgot to send a schedule notification to your boss even though you had completed it beforehand? Have you ever found yourself in such an awkward situation? Recognizing this as a common problem, Telegram has introduced the feature of scheduling messages. Why should you use the message scheduling […]

Exploring Telegram’s Cutting-Edge Features: Are They Really Better? I’m not surprised to witness many people completely switching to Telegram instead of WhatsApp, Viber, or Messenger. For those who don’t know why, allow me to inform you about Telegram’s new superior features compared to other apps. But are they really entirely good? Let’s explore this in the article below! 1. Deleting messages on […]

Disabling Notifications for New Contacts Joining Telegram

For those who have been using the Telegram app for a while, you’re probably familiar with receiving notifications whenever a contact in your address book joins the Telegram community. One or two people is fine, but receiving a flood of such notifications every day, mixed with work-related messages, can be very disruptive and difficult to […]